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Check my São Paulo travel tips on Guidrr

So, any of you travel geeks using Guidrr​ already?I’ve been talking about it for months. As we enter December, the app is up and running on Apple’s App Store, with dozens of very cool guides made by smart locals all around the world – Dublin, Paris, Florence, Chicago, São Paulo and more.

Guidrr is like “the Etsy for Experiences”, an app platform where locals and enthusiasts can promote destinations and sell their guides straight to the public. I created three guides already, with my favourite, not-to-miss spots in São Paulo:

Guidrr Avenida Paulista screenshot

Avenida Paulista - The heart and soul of São Paulo hides some cool treasures, from a brasiliana collection to a piece of Mata Atlântica.

Guidrr Pinheiros screenshot

Pinheiros - The best ice cream and indie cinema in town, plus coffee, Japanese food and a vintage market.

Guidrr Vila Madalena screenshot

Vila Madalena - Tips on what to do during an afternoon the the bohemian quarter of São Paulo's west zone.