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Travellers, meet Guidrr

Never before so many people travelled to so many places. All the tools and options we have nowadays made it quite easier to discover what’s to see, do and experience just about everywhere. The fact that everyone is an Explorer is a good thing. But also makes it difficult to navigate the excess of information available.

Local, insider information is more important than ever. That’s why I just released a travel coach program for my Brazilian/Portuguese audience. And that’s why I’m super excited to be part of this new, bold and smart thing called Guidrr.

Welcome to #newtravel.

Guidrr provides the interface between content creators and an audience willing to get real travel knowledge from real travel people. People like Nardia, the stylish Australian blogger from Lost in Florence. Or Uriel, a professional tour guide from Paris By the Hour. Or Chirag, from Chicago Gupta.

My own Guidrr page is already online and soon you’ll be able to know about Sao Paulo (in English!) from a Paulistana born and raised in the city. To be the first in line for this experience, just follow this link.

You can request a guide or program using the Dream Experience and keep in touch via the New Travel Blog. Guidrr is invitation only, but it is possible to apply to be a creator using this link. Also, follow Guidrr on instagram to get to know all the cool people joining Guidrr. Like The Wayfarer Study, this guys:


Go ahead!

Is this something you think you’d use when travelling? What would you like to see in São Paulo?  Reach me at gaia.passarelli@gmail.com.